10 Action steps for Puerto Rico

Colaboramos con nuestrxs compañerxs en CultureStrike para producir este plan de acción ilustrado de 10 pasos para reconstruir a Puerto Rico. Después del paso del huracán María, nuestro querido compañero, Hiram Rivera Marcano, desarrolló estos 10 puntos en comunicación y solidaridad con nuestra gente en Santurce, que aunque estaban sobrecargadas por el trabajo de apoyo mutuo, querían que se articulara una respuesta a la catástrofe política en las islas.

We collaborated with our compañerxs at CultureStrike to produce this illustrated 10-step action plan to rebuild Puerto Rico. After hurricane María, our dear comrade, Hiram Rivera Marcano developed these ten points in communication and solidarity with our people in Santurce who were consumed by relief efforts, yet concerned about articulating the political catastrophe happening on the island.

Julio Salgado


HELP US RECONSTRUCT OUR HOMES, COMMUNITIES AND SCHOOLS. Support the physical reconstruction of the country. Collect wood, nails, and tools. Create community workshops in carpentry, electrical work, and plumbing. Organize brigades to work hand-in-hand with the people of Puerto Rico to reconstruct communities.

Chucha Marquez


BUILD A SUSTAINABLE PUERTO RICO. Rebuild a new Puerto Rico that is environmentally sustainable and based on responsible management of local resources. No more energy powered by dirty fossil fuels, we need renewable energy. No more imports, rebuild local agriculture to feed ourselves.

Breena Nuñez


JOBS AND OPPORTUNITY NOW! The people of Puerto Rico need to work right now. Help create programs and initiatives that create jobs for people in Puerto Rico.

Myisha Arellanus


WE NEED A REAL OPTION FOR PEOPLE TO STAY IN PUERTO RICO. Staying or leaving, keeping close to roots or shifting, should be a choice for our people. Let’s give the hope to our people so they can stay. The people will stay if they trust that others have their back, and that continuing on is a valid choice.

Nicky Rodriguez


PRACTICE THE FREEDOM DREAM AND DECOLONIZE! Support us in practicing the self reliance and start living as if Puerto Rico were an independent nation. The colonial government does not care about the people of Puerto Rico. Together we can design a future that is participatory and self-reliant.

Francis Mead


ORGANIZE, EDUCATE, AGITATE. At every donation center, every rally, and every church event, connect with your community and build relationships. Join them and fight for the future of Puerto Rico. Study the past and visualize the future - dream radically! Teach others how to organize.

Olivia Hernandez


CREATE POLITICAL ORGANIZATIONS, FROM THE GROUND UP, THAT ARE REPRESENTATIVE AND INCLUSIVE. It’s time for political representation to offer the hope and vision of freedom for our people. We must shape our own political organizations that are accountable to the people.

Kayan Cheung-Miaw


HEAL THE COLLECTIVE TRAUMA CAUSED BY HURRICANE MARIA. Our people have suffered physical trauma and psychological abuse - environmental, exacerbated by social insult and political ridicule - and we must create spaces of mourning and healing. Our healing is a priority so that our pain does not last for generations.

Anthony Conover


PUERTO RICO TODAY: HURRICANE KATRINA 2005. New Orleans taught us many lessons. Study Katrina, connect with organizers who were there, get ahead of Wall Street and banks and put a strategy in place to protect our island.

Crystal Clarity


BRING THE STORM HOME! RAISE HELL! No more business as usual. Organize to interrupt back-door dealings with financiers, developers, and contractors. Bring the category 5 to their doors until they lift the blockade and retract their privatization agendas.

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